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Thanksgiving Left-Overs the Veggie Part

Cross section of celery stalk, showing vascula...

Cross section of celery stalk, showing vascular bundles, which include both phloem and xylem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Don’t forget to juice or blend yourself a healthy drink with any left-over veggies, fruits or herbs. Fresh produce is not a favorite for turkey day but they are the most important choice during every meal. Vegetables and fruit lose their flavor and important, unique anti-oxidants in 2-5 days if left to wither in the bottom bins (with the exception of apples which can do well for months in the fridge).

We are starting black Friday with a beet-blueberry-celery-spinach-dandelion green-apple smoothie…..maybe a banana or two as well. Your curiously cute  children will not turn down these delicious cool drinks especially if you add a little juice and/or a fancy curly straw served in a bright colored cup! Start your holidays off right with a nutritious adventure with your blender or juicer and those left-over goodies.  You will be ripe and ready to tackle all the seasons chaos ahead!

If your blender can crush ice it can also crush nuts so experiment if you want a creamier, heartier version. Cashews, pine nuts, and walnuts are excellent additions to a healthy breakfast or lunch smoothie in addition to strawberries, cranberries  and ripe bananas. Absolutely delicious and super filling!




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Candy Cane Beets and Crunchy Green Treats

Lacinato Kale

Lacinato Kale (Photo credit: jgaldrich)


I’m addicted to Brad’s raw food, my toddler loves them thankfully but, the line is too expensive for my budget.  In an effort to wean myself I am starting the weekend with a batch of my own version of kale chips. Slightly baked, slightly dehydrated, I am going to preserve as many of the B vits as possible while giving it a terrific yummy crunch. Parmesan cheese will help with the flavor for the pickier eaters.

A low oven temp will allow the “chips” to dehydrate rather than quickly bake and brown.  I started them off at 220 degrees, added a little olive oil and will watch them for an hour for crispness.

A trip to the 7/days a week farmer’s market was worthwhile.  Organic lacinato kale was $1.99 a bunch, the Rome apples were super sweet and I found the gorgeous pink and white beets that make any salad pop with candy cane stripes. A heavy bag of produce (mostly organic) for under $12.00! Can’t beat that.

The lacinato kale chips are crunchy, and the healthy green color retained. This snack is delicious! Anyone ever tried making chips with Swiss Chard? Hmmm….maybe  my next green  idea. Have a healthy weekend and enjoy!

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100 Degrees of Heat and My Rare Food of the Week

Yum Yum! That’s Malanga


Sizzling summer is officially here in the south tip of Florida. I usually judge what constitutes summertime by what type of burn my hands have acquired when touching the steering wheel in the car.  Today was “Most Likely Boil an Egg in Car.” Soon towards August, it becomes “Fried Egg” weather and, I’m convinced that can be accomplished in the car or on any pavement during South Florida’s dramatic heat.

Why don’t we have “cool” hand packs, or cold gel steering wheel covers?

So I ventured to the chaotic, and frenzied experience of the BOYS market in search of Kiwi’s today. Ended up walking around in my fruit and veggie glory, completely forgetting about the kiwi’s (which is my secret under-eye treatment),  instead begot onto my kitchen counters a $20 bag filled with 15 different fruits and vegetables. This unique root vegetable can be peeled easily, steamed and mashed like a potato. Raw, it has a milky, creamy coconut taste, although better cooked, the texture is smooth and creamy. Delicate.

Here’s a picture of this versatile root vegetable. I made the most delicious Malanga Balls, rolled them with bread crumbs and freid them (not the healthiest but sooo great)! What a great flavor, filling, and kid approved. I added shitake mushrooms to the filling along with a hint of garlic, some salt and pepper. Definitely, would buy this vegetable  again. Has a long shelf life in the fridge like a rutabaga.Good warming food for those in Northern temperatures.

HINT: It’s NOT a striped coconut.

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