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Thanksgiving Left-Overs the Veggie Part

Cross section of celery stalk, showing vascula...

Cross section of celery stalk, showing vascular bundles, which include both phloem and xylem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Don’t forget to juice or blend yourself a healthy drink with any left-over veggies, fruits or herbs. Fresh produce is not a favorite for turkey day but they are the most important choice during every meal. Vegetables and fruit lose their flavor and important, unique anti-oxidants in 2-5 days if left to wither in the bottom bins (with the exception of apples which can do well for months in the fridge).

We are starting black Friday with a beet-blueberry-celery-spinach-dandelion green-apple smoothie…..maybe a banana or two as well. Your curiously cute  children will not turn down these delicious cool drinks especially if you add a little juice and/or a fancy curly straw served in a bright colored cup! Start your holidays off right with a nutritious adventure with your blender or juicer and those left-over goodies.  You will be ripe and ready to tackle all the seasons chaos ahead!

If your blender can crush ice it can also crush nuts so experiment if you want a creamier, heartier version. Cashews, pine nuts, and walnuts are excellent additions to a healthy breakfast or lunch smoothie in addition to strawberries, cranberries  and ripe bananas. Absolutely delicious and super filling!




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The madness of being a  single mother, and acting as father, the teacher, the library, the cleaner, the laundry mat, the nurse, the electrician, the jungle gym, the plumber, the car mechanic and the maintenance man, I’ve managed to fit in my daily exotic recipes using my beloved blender. I was determined to get my holiday allowance of cranberries in regardless of working through the holidays just past. I love berries, but only when they are fresh or in a super potent vitamin formula.  I turned to my strong glass powered blender and threw in one fresh cranberry after another until it was just tart enough to tolerate yet still be banana-ice-creamy with bits of red speckles for color and some contrasting green flecks for the holiday post Christmas spirit!

Banana Guava Cranberry Spinach Smoothies Yum!

Handful of cranberries (rinse first and freeze the rest)

1/2 pack of Goya frozen guava pulp (about 1 cup)

Handful of spinach the more the merrier

1-2 Bananas (I use perfectly sweetened & ripened frozen bananas)

Water, soymilk, OR juice



with a cute curly straw preferably

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Mamey Banana Shakes

Mamey Sapote 'Pantin' 011

Mamey Sapote ‘Pantin’ 011 (Photo credit: I likE plants!)

Okay, So most people in the country won’t be able to make this but, my Florida neighbors can grasp this new recipe if they go to the frozen section of Winn Dixie and look for Goya’s frozen fruit section. I finally found Mamey, heard about it, but never saw it until a week ago. It cost $1.99 and was next to the Passion Fruit and Mango packages. It looks like a giant tan colored peach, and had the consistency of bread fruit, heavy, and deep orange flesh.

A lot of recipes seemed to imply that it wasn’t sweet, but this batch was delightful.

Shake Recipe

Milk Whole, or 2% or Soy Milk: 1 cup

Water: 1/2 cup plus few ice cubes

Banana: 1 frozen or 1 fresh sliced in large rounds

Peaches: 1/2 cup frozen or fresh or canned if other’s aren’t available

Mamey: I used 1/2 the package which was about 1 cup of fruit

Put all together in blender, this served 3 adults and 1 child sized cup

The result was a creamy, frothy, sweet but more refreshing and definitely filling.

Anyone else that’s been lucky enough to play around with this fruit please comment below and share your ideas!

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