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Laundry Soap-What’s In Those Suds???

An aquatic animal of some sort

An aquatic animal of some sort (Photo credit: jennsdesigns)


It is my New Year’s resolution to get more of this info out to readers, however, I am writing super quick snippet and knowingly won’t have time to spellcheck so bear with me because it is important information regarding commonly used items. Laundry soap, dishsoap, dishwashing detergents although used all the time are NOT required to list all actual ingredients, keep this in mind when washing clothes for young babies, your kids, or those with cancer or those that don’t want cancer.

Soapwort or Soaproot are sudsy natural plants you can find in a walk in the woods. They provide the best, safest, cleaning with no side effects or water contamination. The name SOAP was given to these plants from Native Americans who knew the benefits to all the plants around them. The plants still exist, still work so artificial sudzing is not even necessary nor healthy for your body or the environment. Foaming “action” does not mean clean, it means exactly that, it causes slurry of chemical FOAM. Who hasn’t seen it in the ocean waves, or in a nearby water sources? It’s surely NOT cleaning the water supply or summer swimming lakes! 

According to the most recent research, man-made spliced and diced chemicals provide NO benefit to any water, person, plant or animal other than it FOAMS A LOT, degreases, and leaves a chemical trail from the shampoo bottle it started in to the water children swim in during the summer. It’s too late for all the fish they have been dumping this crap in the waters for well over 60 years continuously.  If you knew what was in your dish, laundry or shampoo, you would never use it on yourself, nor your child and if you don’t feel guilty after bathing your newborn with these bad boys than please leave this page now! This is serious, disgusting info from the suppliers and chemists themselves.

Sadly, Dove, Arm and Hammer, Softsoap, Pantene, Era, Tide, Dawn etc, etc, are NOT required to label their chemical contents (so everyone thinks they MUST be okay no this should be a RED FLAG for shopping Mom’s or consumers)

If you don’t know what is in your soap or food, WHY on Earth would you BUY it? It is not okay to be ignorant about these companies, you are paying for their elaborate salaries and garage full of luxury cars while they are laughing at the idiots using car degreaser on their kids. Seriously, it’s that messed up.

Plants that sud naturally are harmless, but natural is NEVER USED IN SOAP so SOAP is not even the proper name for Laundry, Dishwasher “liquid”, or whatever’s in your pump by your sink. There is NO SOAP from SOAPWORT or SOAPROOT extract in your detergents, it is ALL CHEMICAL BLENDS, names like  sodium lauryl sulphate, phosphate esters, ammonia salts.

SURFACTANTS is what they put on their labels but does anyone doing the wash actually know what these are or where they came from? Surfactants are a multi-billion dollar chemical industry. It’s a lesson in chemistry that cannot be covered in one page but rather send quick post out than see this ridiculous  unchanged and unlabeled business continue to deceive and profit.

Laundry, dish, shampoo, hand”soap” should really  be called out by their chemical names for instance-polyethoxylated products, Alkane Sulfonates, Carboxylates,  Quaturnary Ammonium Salts, sodium lauryl sulphate, phosphate esters, nitrosamines that are WELL DOCUMENTED to cause cancers (which get right through your skin with all these fake chemical suds). Oh and here is for your dishes! Benzene, yummy-sodium alkyl benzene sulphonate, let’s eat. There is really too many to list tonight but get the word out. This stuff is not used in my house and I am extremely mindful of any bottle that I didn’t make myself from real plants and healthy oils.

This sentence may be on all labels in the future for these toxic slurries of foam ….” Chemically man-made ingredients that penetrate all fish, amphibians, and species that live in water, such as aquatic animals whether it be salt or fresh water, including infants and children and pets and anyone who swims or baths in water.” BEWARE!

There are so many more great quotes and sites with all the harm they cause, do a little research yourself before you buy another bottle of Herbal Essence or Era Plus (plus fertility issues or cancers), or All (All chemical crap). I promise if you knew what was in most of your bottles right now, you would never use them again. Try to go chemical free for your kids sake or family, skin is the most absorbent layer of all human beings. READ YOUR LABELS, KNOW WHAT GOES IN and what may never come out of your bodies!

Most surfactants are more or less toxic to aquatic organisms due to their surface activity which will react with the biological membranes of the organisms.  The biological degradability varies according to the nature of the carbohydrate chain. Generally the linear chains are more readily degradable than branched chains.  Also the toxic effects vary with the chain structure. Generally an increase of the chain length in the range of 10 to 16, leads to an increase in toxicity to aquatic organisms. http://www.ecoproperties-forum.dk/detergents/index_files/Page718.htm


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