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Candy Cane Beets and Crunchy Green Treats

Lacinato Kale

Lacinato Kale (Photo credit: jgaldrich)


I’m addicted to Brad’s raw food, my toddler loves them thankfully but, the line is too expensive for my budget.  In an effort to wean myself I am starting the weekend with a batch of my own version of kale chips. Slightly baked, slightly dehydrated, I am going to preserve as many of the B vits as possible while giving it a terrific yummy crunch. Parmesan cheese will help with the flavor for the pickier eaters.

A low oven temp will allow the “chips” to dehydrate rather than quickly bake and brown.  I started them off at 220 degrees, added a little olive oil and will watch them for an hour for crispness.

A trip to the 7/days a week farmer’s market was worthwhile.  Organic lacinato kale was $1.99 a bunch, the Rome apples were super sweet and I found the gorgeous pink and white beets that make any salad pop with candy cane stripes. A heavy bag of produce (mostly organic) for under $12.00! Can’t beat that.

The lacinato kale chips are crunchy, and the healthy green color retained. This snack is delicious! Anyone ever tried making chips with Swiss Chard? Hmmm….maybe  my next green  idea. Have a healthy weekend and enjoy!


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