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Thanksgiving Left-Overs the Veggie Part

Cross section of celery stalk, showing vascula...

Cross section of celery stalk, showing vascular bundles, which include both phloem and xylem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Don’t forget to juice or blend yourself a healthy drink with any left-over veggies, fruits or herbs. Fresh produce is not a favorite for turkey day but they are the most important choice during every meal. Vegetables and fruit lose their flavor and important, unique anti-oxidants in 2-5 days if left to wither in the bottom bins (with the exception of apples which can do well for months in the fridge).

We are starting black Friday with a beet-blueberry-celery-spinach-dandelion green-apple smoothie…..maybe a banana or two as well. Your curiously cute  children will not turn down these delicious cool drinks especially if you add a little juice and/or a fancy curly straw served in a bright colored cup! Start your holidays off right with a nutritious adventure with your blender or juicer and those left-over goodies.  You will be ripe and ready to tackle all the seasons chaos ahead!

If your blender can crush ice it can also crush nuts so experiment if you want a creamier, heartier version. Cashews, pine nuts, and walnuts are excellent additions to a healthy breakfast or lunch smoothie in addition to strawberries, cranberries  and ripe bananas. Absolutely delicious and super filling!




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CASTING: Food Network

Hey There!

To all my foodies, and awesome cooks (Ranting Chef perhaps?), there is casting for readers or bloggers that cook and have cool story….here are details.


If you’re a home cook with a fabulous recipe and a great story to go along with it, we want to hear from you! Do you have a recipe that has launched a successful business? Has your home cooking resulted in an exciting new venture? Did your recipe inspire you to become a competitive cook? If so, please share your story with us!

Please send us your story, a description of the recipe (Don’t forget to include the origins or inspirations behind the recipe) and a picture of you and of the successful recipe to concentriccasting@gmail.com for a chance to be featured in an upcoming Food Network Show with Sunny Anderson.

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