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Thanksgiving Left-Overs the Veggie Part

Cross section of celery stalk, showing vascula...

Cross section of celery stalk, showing vascular bundles, which include both phloem and xylem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Don’t forget to juice or blend yourself a healthy drink with any left-over veggies, fruits or herbs. Fresh produce is not a favorite for turkey day but they are the most important choice during every meal. Vegetables and fruit lose their flavor and important, unique anti-oxidants in 2-5 days if left to wither in the bottom bins (with the exception of apples which can do well for months in the fridge).

We are starting black Friday with a beet-blueberry-celery-spinach-dandelion green-apple smoothie…..maybe a banana or two as well. Your curiously cute  children will not turn down these delicious cool drinks especially if you add a little juice and/or a fancy curly straw served in a bright colored cup! Start your holidays off right with a nutritious adventure with your blender or juicer and those left-over goodies.  You will be ripe and ready to tackle all the seasons chaos ahead!

If your blender can crush ice it can also crush nuts so experiment if you want a creamier, heartier version. Cashews, pine nuts, and walnuts are excellent additions to a healthy breakfast or lunch smoothie in addition to strawberries, cranberries  and ripe bananas. Absolutely delicious and super filling!




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Blueberry Facial Time


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I tried this facial a week ago and it only took a few blueberries and my favorite facial paintbrush to apply. I haven’t read much on blueberry being used in skin products but given it’s enormous antioxidant content I’m sure it’s great for the body both inside and outside. For $2.50 I had a healthy snack for the baby and I and my own homemade gel peel mask chock full of benefits. It hardens after about 5 minutes and easily washes off. One of the less messy experiments this year.

Mash and apply or if you really want a hero of a facial product add some plain yogurt to blender with blueberries and then apply to the face and neck for 20 minutes. Absolutely amazing! I will never buy over the counter scrubs, peels, lotions or face washes ever again. It’s just too easy and too good for your skin and way to economical to go back to factory made products, where most are Made in China. Protect your children’s skin and use homemade sugar scrubs and coconut oil and homemade DIY food masks, they’ll love it and have fun applying all the good, fresh ingredients.

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3 unique fruits

Can anyone guess what any of these exotic fruits are? I’m so happy I found them, I shouldn’t have paid almost 7 bucks for that big, brown thing in the background, but I was misquoted the price and was too late once I got to the check out! Those little, furry red things are close to a lychee, but bigger and sweeter than I expected. If I had some vodka I would muddle them with sugar and have an awesome drink. They are RAMBUTANS from South East Asia!

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