These rules should be applied daily. Always end your conversation with the people you love with “I love you.”

It is the single, most cherished phrase. If you do not see them again, you will know you left them with I love you. If they die before you wake, they will know you loved them. If life is hard and you’ve said this phrase than love will come to you. When you feel hard on yourself, you can rest assured that you told your family and loved ones that you loved them.

Life is short. Don’t take advantage of your partner, your parents, your husband, wife or child. Always tell them you love them, if you truly do. Someday you will realize how important this rule is, unless you’ve already discovered it’s power. It is THEE most kind phrase of all. Use it today if you haven’t already. No, it’s never too late to say “I love you.”



After being baptized Episcopalian, then parents changing to Methodist, church camp and Jewish camp along with studying some Buddism in my day, the rules are as follows:

1.Thou shalt not kill

2. Thou shalt not steal

3. Thou shall not lie

Three things you can keep in your pocket. Don’t forget them and don’t take them for granted.  As long as you adapt the above rules and never settle for less you will be on your way to a reasonably happy existence.

Feel free to suggest new Rules for a newer World as long as it pertains to all individuals at all times.


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