Blueberry Facial Time


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I tried this facial a week ago and it only took a few blueberries and my favorite facial paintbrush to apply. I haven’t read much on blueberry being used in skin products but given it’s enormous antioxidant content I’m sure it’s great for the body both inside and outside. For $2.50 I had a healthy snack for the baby and I and my own homemade gel peel mask chock full of benefits. It hardens after about 5 minutes and easily washes off. One of the less messy experiments this year.

Mash and apply or if you really want a hero of a facial product add some plain yogurt to blender with blueberries and then apply to the face and neck for 20 minutes. Absolutely amazing! I will never buy over the counter scrubs, peels, lotions or face washes ever again. It’s just too easy and too good for your skin and way to economical to go back to factory made products, where most are Made in China. Protect your children’s skin and use homemade sugar scrubs and coconut oil and homemade DIY food masks, they’ll love it and have fun applying all the good, fresh ingredients.


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Moringa the Tree

There’s a beautiful tree that grows called Moringa. After doing some research I was amazed at is multiple uses, virtually every part of the tree can or is used for medicinal purposes. I’m hoping to see more people use this medicinal plant as it’s properties from root, to bark, to leaf, and seed are endless. If any reader has  been using it or enjoying it’s health benefits, please comment or send a message! There’s a great video on Moringa on YouTube, check it out. It’s sold as a powder in the states for smoothies or shakes. Hoping to see more of this super-plant in the near future! Here’s to health!

English: Malagasy Moringa (Moringa drouhardii ...

English: Malagasy Moringa (Moringa drouhardii / Moringaceae) growing in the Ghosh Grove, Rockledge, Florida, from a seed from Madagascar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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100 Degrees of Heat and My Rare Food of the Week

Yum Yum! That’s Malanga


Sizzling summer is officially here in the south tip of Florida. I usually judge what constitutes summertime by what type of burn my hands have acquired when touching the steering wheel in the car.  Today was “Most Likely Boil an Egg in Car.” Soon towards August, it becomes “Fried Egg” weather and, I’m convinced that can be accomplished in the car or on any pavement during South Florida’s dramatic heat.

Why don’t we have “cool” hand packs, or cold gel steering wheel covers?

So I ventured to the chaotic, and frenzied experience of the BOYS market in search of Kiwi’s today. Ended up walking around in my fruit and veggie glory, completely forgetting about the kiwi’s (which is my secret under-eye treatment),  instead begot onto my kitchen counters a $20 bag filled with 15 different fruits and vegetables. This unique root vegetable can be peeled easily, steamed and mashed like a potato. Raw, it has a milky, creamy coconut taste, although better cooked, the texture is smooth and creamy. Delicate.

Here’s a picture of this versatile root vegetable. I made the most delicious Malanga Balls, rolled them with bread crumbs and freid them (not the healthiest but sooo great)! What a great flavor, filling, and kid approved. I added shitake mushrooms to the filling along with a hint of garlic, some salt and pepper. Definitely, would buy this vegetable  again. Has a long shelf life in the fridge like a rutabaga.Good warming food for those in Northern temperatures.

HINT: It’s NOT a striped coconut.

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Refreshing Basil and Lime Health Shots

I made this unique drink last year as warm tea, and was an innovative way to keep  health top notch. Limes are readily available in Florida all year and they are really inexpensive usually 3 for 1.59 at Publix, or if you are at a farmer’s market shopping you can find 5 for $1.50. Awesome deal! Stock up!

This Lime booster really gave me a refreshing energy and was easy to make. Limes are a great source of Vitamin C amongst other wonderful properties. Good for digestion, respiratory problems and many more I haven’t the time to touch on. See link for more facts and info.

 Vanessa’s Basil Good Lime Shots 

1.Use a generous TBSP of dried Basil from your spice cabinet or fresh if you have on hand and pinch between your fingers to realize the flavor and scent vigorously.

2. Add to small glass or jar and pour boiling water or microwave for 1 minute in 1/2 cup of water. Let steep. This will give you a pale green basil tea. Healthy enough to drink on it’s own. For more palatability grab a citrus slice like, lemon or my favorite with basil, lime.

3. Cut open and squeeze 3 fresh limes into the small glass, jar or cup, use less if you’re not going to drink it all right away.

4. Add just a tsp of sugar or honey pinch of stevia or skip this step altogether for a real zesty zing.

5. Mix lightly. Strain the mixture into glass and drink like a shot, if you’d like don’t strain it and enjoy the full potency of the herbs effects. This is a great drink to enjoy the  lasting health benefits of this wonderful green plant with it’s citrus punch.

Basil has so many unknown health benefits that aren’t widely appreciated in my opinion. If you are on a tight budget, don’t skimp on the typical kitchen herbs. They are such good relievers of so many ailments. Basil like oregano, marjoram are reportedly anti-fungal, anti-biotic and terrific for  skin conditions, fatigue, and general malaise. Experimenting with kitchen herbs is fun, healthy, and gives all your foods and beverages a different flavor appeal. Enjoy!

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Almost 3

My little baby is almost three. Time to pick her school and watch her meet many new friends that hopefully bring her much joy in the years ahead.  With one always-on-the-go Mom (and one unpaying, unavailable Dad), an Aunt who spoils and loves her more than life and 2 sets of happy, healthy grandparents that do the same, my almost three year old is a delight! I’ve made lots of fun recipes, got a 2year old to drink beet-blueberry-cucumber smoothies (daily) and shared in the joy of watching my neice grow up right next to her, forming a BFF for life!

Nothing compares to the nusery school my mother and I attended but, luckily she is so ready she didn’t even want to leave the first few choices, and cried the whole way home.

So now it’s time to find the best care and get my little darling ready for her new day school! I have to admit that I cannot wait to buy her a cute, little uniform. They are too cute!

Any reader have any recommendations or experiences

Boca Raton, Florida. Caboose

Boca Raton, Florida. Caboose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for schools in Delray or Boca Raton please reply to

The Train Museum in Boca for anyone interested–>

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Mountain Rose Herbs

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February 23, 2013 · 9:28 PM


The madness of being a  single mother, and acting as father, the teacher, the library, the cleaner, the laundry mat, the nurse, the electrician, the jungle gym, the plumber, the car mechanic and the maintenance man, I’ve managed to fit in my daily exotic recipes using my beloved blender. I was determined to get my holiday allowance of cranberries in regardless of working through the holidays just past. I love berries, but only when they are fresh or in a super potent vitamin formula.  I turned to my strong glass powered blender and threw in one fresh cranberry after another until it was just tart enough to tolerate yet still be banana-ice-creamy with bits of red speckles for color and some contrasting green flecks for the holiday post Christmas spirit!

Banana Guava Cranberry Spinach Smoothies Yum!

Handful of cranberries (rinse first and freeze the rest)

1/2 pack of Goya frozen guava pulp (about 1 cup)

Handful of spinach the more the merrier

1-2 Bananas (I use perfectly sweetened & ripened frozen bananas)

Water, soymilk, OR juice



with a cute curly straw preferably

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