Hi, My name is Vanessa and I am the proud mother of a beautiful girl. I’ve created this space to share the joys and not-so-joys of single parenting. Write about my self-learned  life lessons, and all the great things my wonderful family instilled within me for my own parenting adventure. I obtained my Associates of Science from Cobleskill College and went on to study nutritional science at the University of Maryland. Unfortunately, after signing for $80,000 dollars worth of school loans, I was hit hard by the mononucleosis virus. Devoted to the field but devastated, I couldn’t finish years of hard work, I took a job offer in supplement manufacturing and transferred to a position in Florida. I love selling things or making things that create healthier, happier people.

A thousand plus miles from the Victorian home I was raised in, I immersed myself in South Florida’s crazy temperament.  Moved a lot, picked up Spanish, island cultures, ate and made new cuisines, and enjoyed tropical places in my quest to learn truly, how to relax. Business and life changes with the ocean breeze on the southern tip, I did strange and exotic things, and lived an exciting life full of change.

Creating cool, challenging, and unique recipes has always been a joyful hobby of mine. For me, eating my scrumptious creations is even more fun.  I have an insatiable appetite in both body and mind. I enjoy making my own products, which makes the three years of chemistry justifiable and useful. My database of homemade lotions, scrubs, oils, facial serums and other oddities I’m currently experimenting with will be available during the summer months.   I’d like to help those also single parenting  see the positive adventure and countless ways you  provide joy to your children alone.  Happiness, joy and peace is attainable no matter what your circumstances are now and you need to be healthy for your kids if you’re the only parent.

It’s great to be a single, and fabulous Mom without letting the calamities of life weigh you down.  If you are a local Florida parent feel free to email me at goodgoldenruler@yahoo.com if you need list of resources or numbers. Whether you are  a parent or not, married or divorced, economic advice from someone experienced and educated on both sides of the spectrum may prove helpful. Hopefully my posts will prove a great way to join the local community together and hear feedback from across the globe. It’s nice to have some common sense rules for living when life didn’t exactly go according to plan.  I hope my stories can inspire others to feel the freedom I  have and that other new parents will benefit if they’re just having a stressful day. Take care.

From the sunny Palm Beach shores……Vanessa G =)


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