Moringa the Tree

There’s a beautiful tree that grows called Moringa. After doing some research I was amazed at is multiple uses, virtually every part of the tree can or is used for medicinal purposes. I’m hoping to see more people use this medicinal plant as it’s properties from root, to bark, to leaf, and seed are endless. If any reader has  been using it or enjoying it’s health benefits, please comment or send a message! There’s a great video on Moringa on YouTube, check it out. It’s sold as a powder in the states for smoothies or shakes. Hoping to see more of this super-plant in the near future! Here’s to health!

English: Malagasy Moringa (Moringa drouhardii ...

English: Malagasy Moringa (Moringa drouhardii / Moringaceae) growing in the Ghosh Grove, Rockledge, Florida, from a seed from Madagascar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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