Almost 3

My little baby is almost three. Time to pick her school and watch her meet many new friends that hopefully bring her much joy in the years ahead.  With one always-on-the-go Mom (and one unpaying, unavailable Dad), an Aunt who spoils and loves her more than life and 2 sets of happy, healthy grandparents that do the same, my almost three year old is a delight! I’ve made lots of fun recipes, got a 2year old to drink beet-blueberry-cucumber smoothies (daily) and shared in the joy of watching my neice grow up right next to her, forming a BFF for life!

Nothing compares to the nusery school my mother and I attended but, luckily she is so ready she didn’t even want to leave the first few choices, and cried the whole way home.

So now it’s time to find the best care and get my little darling ready for her new day school! I have to admit that I cannot wait to buy her a cute, little uniform. They are too cute!

Any reader have any recommendations or experiences

Boca Raton, Florida. Caboose

Boca Raton, Florida. Caboose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for schools in Delray or Boca Raton please reply to

The Train Museum in Boca for anyone interested–>


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