Tamales Wrapped in Giant Banana Leaves

Colombianos tamale wrapped and steamed in a banana leaf.

Why I am attempting to make authentic tamales without the help of any authentic Spanish friend, or  Colombian Gramma’s is unbeknown to me at the moment, but here I am at 2 am with a kitchen on full steam, literally.

So far….I have 1 pot of saffron rice done, 1 humongous pot boiling where I place the wrapped wonders, along with 2 pans sauteed that contain onions, potatoes, garlic, coriander, sweet potatoes, and carrots and my chopped chives I had frozen for special nights like this.

Don’t have any bell peppers, I feel like I am committing a sin by not adding red or green peppers to this but a dash or two of my favorite Cayenne Pepper should do the trick. I do have Thai Peppers I dried myself, but I am scared to handle those hot fire breeders in any quantity after January’s “way too hot, I can’t believe 3 tiny seeds did that, soup.”

I am supposed to add the chives but where, I don’t know yet, the masa mash, the rice mix? Maybe I will just top each one with the chives, ok that sounds good. I mean it’s all cooking in the same leaf so what’s the difference.  I’ve mastered the masa flour mash (corn meal, precooked)  from my previous  years of making arepas so not to worry.

Now it’s 3.40 am, since I didn’t use any meats, my prep time went way down…like 12 hours down, though I did throw in some pieces of Gouda into that last tamale, I think I actually  made really good time. Speaking of time, before I get too cocky at my Spanish cooking must go check.

In a few hours it should look like the photo…..I hope!

Good night for now.


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