The Never Ending Laundry Piles

I keep forgetting to re-post this. If you are a stay-at-home Mom without a nanny or cleaning lady than read on!

I don’t remember the last time I had more than 5 hours of sleep at night for about three years so I am always looking for the fastest, cleanest way to conquer the massive amount of laundry. I despise dirty laundry, everything in my house goes immediately into the washer the second there’s a spot, a dab, a blob noticed. I do laundry all day long and like all items clean by morning.

The stuffed animals that my child shares her oatmeal with, the  dolls she spills her juice on were NO exception to my list of things to clean that day as I had plenty of her artwork to scrub off my doorways. I read all labels all the time, and really wanted to abide by them, but was also tempted to try my luck, and save some time.  With a little care and personal experimentation, you will be happy to know that EVERYTHING can be put in the washer, and dried on low and come out looking brand new.

I was given a large box of my old Cabbage Patch kids several weeks back, I haven’t seen them since I was a wee 5 years old.  It sat in a hot attic for 10 years, and before that sat in a dark, dusty attic for another decade before arriving at my brand new, clean, white apartment. At first I dreaded the old box of toys, but said what the heck, and threw all dolls, bears, Cabbage Patch’s yarn hair and all into the cycle. Alas, no damage was done and my daughter thought it was Christmas again with all these “new” animals to play with.

Despite the labels, I have successfully washed and dried every toy or stuffed animal. Don’t hesitate to throw that baby food encrusted  dolly right into the warm wash cycle with lots of soap! New parents, and us single ones don’t have time to hand wash a thing, nor the energy to hand scrub each item so luckily with how clean my 20 year old toys became you DON”T  have to hand wash I thing!


This also applies to all baby shoes, even the flip flops are washable and dry on low heat wonderfully! Happy Laundry Day!




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  1. I agree. Life’s too short to wash stuff by hand. But I’d add one caveat about laundry when you have kids–check the pockets of everything. I’ve ended up washing and drying crayons (a disaster), chapstick, lipstick, legos, Boy Scout badges–you name it; it’s probably been in there. My cat even brought in a dead mouse once and left it in a pile of laundry, and I didn’t find it until it had gone through the wash!

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