Badia Spices

I prefer to dry my own spices utilizing the constant 80 degree heat where I live, but we all know that’s not always feasible.  Badia Spice company is one of the cheapest possible ways to create or add inexpensive herbs to your spice collection. I found out about them on a trip to Publix about 2.5 years ago. I was upset that I couldn’t buy all the ingredients for this great recipe which called for a $23.00 bottle of cardomen and other pricey, unique herbs. The herbs itself would’ve made the recipe a $120.00 dinner so I had to improvise.

I discovered small plastic packages, not glass spice jars with fancy writing, but little herb bags basically with a good portion of spice, and a really cheap price tag. Later, I realized that our local Walmart sells each one for about 0.49 cents so I stocked up and for less than 20 bucks had a much better spice collection for an unimaginable deal.  I’m all about quality so I did some research on the company and luckily, it’s not rated badly nor are the actual products less par.

When I was receiving assistance with food benefits, I really, really missed making my old recipes. I do not endorse this company but, they have certainly given some flair to my new recipes in an economically daunting time.

Don’t forget to pick up spices, just because there’s less money in the bank doesn’t mean you have to eat cheap, frozen dinners and purple drink! 


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