The Facial Serum Recipe


Here’s what you will need.

Sterilized jars: I use honey jars or fancy jam jars, originally I started out using baby food jars, but since I give these creations as gifts, I’ve upgraded my glassware. Make sure they have been thoroughly washed and dried. Water left inside your jar will harbor bacteria and will shorten the shelf life of this homemade serum. Put your jars into STEAM Sterilizer. If you are making anything for the face or body you must do this to prevent bacterial infection or spread of contagious spores. If you don’t have sterlizing equipment place jars in boiling water for at least 5 minutes, take out with tongs and place carefully on clean paper towels.

1. 1/4 cup of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil or Soybean Oil. I prefer and use mostly Coconut Oil with splash of clear vegetable oil so it’s not a solid at room temperature. Put on lowest heat setting in small pot, and carefully melt oils together with an herb of your choice, my favorite is using marjoram. Be careful if you have skin allergies, cinnamon will smell great but may irritate the face. Slowly add to jar.

2. Apricot Kernel Oil, Grapeseed Oil, or other light oil such as Almond Oil. Pour 1/8-1/4 cup of light oil, essential if you are working primarily with Coconut Oil otherwise you will have a solid hard to access product.

3.  3 TBSP of vegetable glycerin add to jar stir with wooden utensil.

4. You can also use beeswax and make a great creamier recipes, most people don’t have beeswax sitting around but thought I’d mention it.

5.1 Bottle of Vitamin E softgels preferably at least 200IU per gel. I use 3-4 400IU softgels in each batch. Besides amazing anti-cancerous supplement, this also helps preserve the serum itself. Cut open and squeeze into jar.  Take 1 softgel a day by mouth for optimal health. Or give them to someone who takes supplements all the time if you aren’t going to use the rest of the bottle.


1 Bottle of Borage Oil (don’t worry you can get this for $4.34 at Walmart or Target). Again, cut or squeeze the oil into the jar and mix well. Skip this step if you’d like but feel free read up on Borage Oil’s magnificent health properties on the following webpages…

Lime Peel: I use this all the time, I buy citrus in quantity especially during peak season in the South and use every the skin with a cheese grater to get the fine, essential oils out of the lime skin. Amazing health benefits for the skin, I gentle warm the coconut oil and add the grated lime. It smells absolutely divine, and is edible if you must play with your new found skin oils. Excellent refreshing skin oil for whole body.

So many more to list as optional ingredients, have to go at the moment! Enjoy!


Mix all together and cover tightly. Put into fridge for an hour. Apply to clean face. Amazing.



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  1. “The Facial Serum Recipe | Good Golden Rules”
    seriously got me simply addicted with ur blog!
    I reallywill certainly be back again a whole lot more normally.
    Thanks a lot ,Lorri

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