Down to the last drop, tips to remember for getting your money’s worth of household things

Three years ago I discovered something in NYC while visiting my sister in her cozy upper East Side abode. It was a tube squeezer at the corner Duane Reade to get all the product out of any plastic tube, for example toothpaste.  I laughed at it first, but then thought well this saves space in the landfill and I can also get all my toothpaste out which was always something that annoyed me while trying to rush out the door. For three bucks and change I got a set of two. The package said EZ squeezer or something of the like and had one blue and one pink clip in it. After visiting and now back home in Florida I used them right away and thought well that’s a pretty cool idea, why didn’t I think of that? And over the course of the past three years, I would’ve never imagined how important or how crucial it might be to get every last drop.

Lets evaluate the savings. I brush my teeth three times a day (also a really great idea if you don’t have dental insurance or coverage anymore) so I use about 8-10 tubes in the course of a year. I have found Colgate and other brands for as low as $1.00 at Walgreens, and $1.82 at Walmart for the big tubes, so not surprisingly this little gadget saved me lots of change per month and is a smart, ecologically better solution. For less than four dollars I have used both clips for every tube of toothpaste, or other product I needed to savor. Plus it saves space in the medicine cabinet, and I know there’s nothing left when I toss the tube in the trash.  Just make sure to remove the plastic clip first before tossing the empties.

I’m half Jewish and that’s the only half that I use while shopping or analyzing products. At home simply cut the tube open after the E-Z squeezer has done it’s job and see for yourself. There is literally not a thing left in any tube that it can be used on. It is GREAT! If I can find the inventor I will sell them or give them away to others. This is such a simple concept. You will save money, space and room in your bathroom garbage which no one enjoys taking out anyways, so pick one up if you can find one.

The leads to my next tip. Scissors. If you are poor or trying to recover from the decline make sure you have a nice pair of scissors. I always keep a sharp pair in the bathroom because after accepting my “lower than low income” I wanted to be productive and resourceful with everything I spent my dollars on. Nothing goes to the trash until I have opened or cut open that bottle myself. In a time when you’re financially “ruined” instead of getting angry or frustrated when something runs out again, you will find a tiny burst of joy when you realize that there’s another weeks worth of lotion hiding in that bottle, another two showers worth of soap, and enough shampoo or conditioner for the remainder of the week.

Nowadays, I don’t get sad or mad when something has gone dry, I get excited over these new found adventures! God, we’re all so broke now something in the day has to give you a glimpse of excitement, the little things can be very rewarding. It will amaze you at how much cream, lotion, moisturizer or hair products are hiding until the truth is revealed with your trusty pair of scissors. It’s fun and surprising to see just how much “extra” you have left in all your household products and bathroom niceties. For particularly difficult or hard plastics it becomes that much more rewarding when you uncover the rest of your money (and product) inside. If you get into the habit of getting every last drop (and please do) it may feel as if the plastic manufacturer was purposely making containers a certain way just so you will have to go buy more. I’m telling you from my experience, and especially with lotions you will kick yourself when you discover how much of the stuff we were throwing in the trash, prematurely.

I was a science student in college so I liked dissecting things and learning what was inside, if you’re not as analytical as me or don’t want to hack up your bottles like some lab experiment than at least go pick yourself up one of those EZ Squeezer tube thing-a-ma-jigs, and save on your pearly whites. It’s worth it.

If anyone would like info on where to purchase or can’t find them email me and I will do my best to get a store by your location. Have fun and remember there’s no shame in your situation, it’s just another adventure.

Vanessa =)


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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this. I also add water to the last of the liquid soap so I can use it all. My mother-in-law takes things even further and makes note pads out of junk mail and re-uses all her wrapping paper.

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