Surviving on Less, a Learned Approach

I’ve been wanting to write an article about how to survive on such little income that you don’t have a “penny for your thoughts,” let alone a “penny for your troubles.” It’s taken me many, many months to adapt to my new single mother status, emotionally, physically (OMG there’s no help when I need it days), and mentally. After all the day and nighttime battles with an ex who thought $26 for the month was being really generous I really didn’t have the energy to write. Thankfully, the worst of the storm is over, he’s negative behavior is REMOVED from my child’s life and I once again starting writing, cooking and sharing my experiences with friends.

Ahhh Wednesday… Planned VISITATION DAY:  I spent the day getting my 2 year old darling ready for her Dad’s place. Planned on dropping daughter off to her father’s (it’s really his mother’s house) who is never really there when he says he’s going to be, or he pretends he had other plans. So by the time Visitation started and my FREE DAY (still excited I had one for  the month of March) it was 3.30 pm.  I had exactly 1.5 hours to complete any business phone call that is never successfully achieved with a talking, walking, loud toddler demanding my every second of time. So I used rush hour on my way back home to get some calls done. Pretty positive that was only my 2nd KID-free car ride in about 45days.  God, I actually enjoy sitting in traffic now because I get more time to sit!  (I know it’s sad, but isn’t that when you can find a great CD or song too)? I’m sure many other Mom’s feel the same way. Any helpful solutions always welcomed.  Always on the go and never a dull moment with kids (even though I really just want to be on a bed in a dark room for days sleeping) that I actually got a little mad when the traffic started moving because then I’d have to concentrate on that too! Need more time, currently hiring extra minutes.

Anyways, the point of this day was to get as much done as possible make all my appointments for the next 30 days, make sure  my daughter’s new doctor is called, double check her insurance plan, check mine, call eye doctor for another pair of glasses and what else, I’m sure I will remember all the other things I really wanted to do, but can’t as a single Mom. The good news all the phone calls went well, I even get 2 pairs of glasses for free in just one week, amazing. Thank you Ronald J. Wiewora, MD, MPH CEO. He’s the guy that gives uninsured Palm Beachers insurance and for me, it was SIGHT! Seriously, thank you, thank you thank you. If you think 98 year old drivers are bad, you should have seen me over the past year once my last pair of frames snapped and subsequently were eaten by my car, never found.

Also never found was my  glasses prescript at CostCo so I had to remain blind. Going out after 6 pm became something I feared, losing sun must seek shelter. Really I don’t know how I didn’t hit an animal living in Delray Beach it’s not home to a huge variety of animals. But we do have a fox here, I see it all the time, pretty cool. Red and gray big busy tail, actually I kinda like seeing, much more than a snake or Florida mystery bugs (the ones that just seem to fly in from the sea and land  on your home).

Stay at home Mom has such a lovely sound as opposed to being an unemployed, single mother whom at one time thought her spouse was actually going to get counseling and resume this marriage (but no and I am happy I can say that now, he really is a psychologist life work but unfortunately will not get help)  I think I will stick with the Stay at Home Mom phrase, yeah it works well at least it makes me feel better for now. Pray for my child, I can’t believe I actually chose a guy that isn’t a great guy, currently accepted applications for new husbands with great fatherly styles.  If you’re child’s father isn’t around what did you tell them when they asked? I just say he’s at work, after some research I decided as much as I really wanted to say something much, much harsh, work is the reason he’s not here. The pro’s said that would be less damaging. So he’s always at work months at time with 3-4 hours visits every week or every other week. I know some women don’t see the guy at all so don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. Just getting on with it.

Have you ever wondered how you are going to make it, your a new, single Mother, exhausted, beat, used, and so behind you just don’t know how next year could possibly be better? Well, externally I’m a well educated, smart, white girl from a really great, kind, and generous family whom I love to no end, but scratch the surface and I’ve seen it, heard it all and experienced most of it too. So for those that wonder if there’s even enough bread or pennies lying around till this time next week than I’m glad you got here and maybe my words can help.

The last phone call I made was at 4.45pm Wednesday. I knew it was a lucky shot that someone would still be sitting in the office taking calls so I prayed (Please let someone be there still, I really need someone to answer) and viola, finally got a HUMAN VOICE, such a rarity these days. I called the Community Action place in West Palm (3rd attempt in 3 days for human or even answering machine).

CHECK THEM OUT if you need help, very friendly women answered, caring as well. Anyone receiving government help knows how many hours are spent a day trying to reach a human for a really desperate, urgent matter like no food, not a dime and something’s wrong with my kid’s Medicaid….so isn’t it nice when the person is actually really pleasant once you’ve “gotten through?” Very happy and excited to go there. 

They offer so much help, now just have to figure out if I have enough lovely $4.49/gallon gasoline to get there and back. Baby daddy gave me 15 bucks this visit WOO HOO! I’m gonna be rich someday, I swear. So I did what I’ve been doing since the official separation…..Saving it.  They offer FREE child care to those new parents who are struggling or newly single parents that need to get out of the house and back to work, back to class, or just plain O-U-T. Any women out there (or man if you’re nice) that also feel the daily pains as these please drop a line and say hello! Always nice to hear from readers.

There is no better time to help others or help yourself than right now. If you haven’t had a bath or watched a show or decent movie, go do it. Have a great day!

Bath salt recipes, and sugar scrubs you can eat when you’re bathing coming this weekend.

Next article: How to keep your hearing….at least in one ear with your screecher child and prevent tinnitus .

Happy Jeudi


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